Journalist Booed While Giving Commencement Speech

A news anchor was booed while giving a commencement speech at Cal State Fullerton over this past weekend. Maria Elena Salinas, a prominent journalist working for the Spanish-language network

Delusional Zimmerman Auctioning Firearm

In a story that could’ve been written by the satire website The Onion, George Zimmerman has decided to auction off the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin four years ago. “I am honored

George RR Martin Reminds World He Still Writes

It’s a big time of the year for fans of Game of Thrones. The acclaimed HBO series airs Sunday nights at 9PM EST and the weekly episodes are a major topic at watercoolers come Monday

Nyong'o to Star in Black Panther

If you listen closely, you can almost hear the roar of excited Marvel film fans. Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyung’o has announced that she will costar alongside Chadwick Boseman

10 Lists to Keep If You Want to Be Successful

The human mind is truly incredible, and we should all strive towards creating a tenacious memory we can rely on. Many lucrative professions or hobbies require such a trait—actors, musicians,

12 Ways To Earn More Money While You Have A Full-Time Job

In a world where we are faced with towering levels of responsibilities, it has become common for adults to take on two or more jobs to earn more money and make ends meet. Whether it’s to

Broncos Hire Vance Joseph to Fill Head Coaching Vacancy

Following the surprising and unfortunate departure of head coach Gary Kubiak due to personal health reasons, the Denver Broncos head coaching vacancy was arguably the most attractive position in